I hope you enjoy the many links I have found fascinating.
Also, some of the one's I have listed are wonderful and dear friends.


Jens Diva Den www.geocities.com/JensDivaDen

Guys as Dolls www.guysasdolls.com

Hannah's TV Dream www.geocities.com/hannahstvdream

Tiffany Michelle www.geocities.com/westhollywood/4258

International Drag Queen Registry www.circuitparty.com

Bobbi Jacobs www.bobbijacobs.com

Miss Christine's Cross Dressing Illusions www.geocities.com/christine_ms_2000

Gallery of Goddesses www.geocities.com/westhollywo od/Park/9200/index2.htm

Tiffany Duvall/Duvall Entertainment www2.50megs.com/queens

Morgan Stevens Web Site was chosen as a site of the week by Duvall Entertainment for
the week of May 27 to June 3, 2000, which has pleased Ms. Stevens and her web mistress.

David DeAlba's Celebrity Interviews www.ctaz.com/~pryner/David8.htm

Vicki Rene's Prettiest of the Pretty www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/5248


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